Gems, gems & more gems!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now so you'll know I'm fascinated by the natural world, and have mentioned my love of fossils and gemstones on here before, so when my lovely friend Kerri mentioned showing my collection in full, I jumped at the chance and set about taking a lot of photos! 

While I also have some pieces of jewellery which are made from / with gemstones, I decided to focus this post on the actual gems themselves to reduce the number of photos, but I'm sure I'll share those with you all at some point too. Having said that there are a lot of picture here, so if you want to skim read and just glance at the photos, that's fine, but I hope you enjoy seeing my collection in full, and thanks again to Kerri for suggesting I do this.


This beautiful marbled blue and green stone is just gorgeous, with lines of copper running through the rock, giving it that opalite rainbow effect. I bought this a couple of Christmases ago from Etsy as I fell in love with the colour; the bands of blue and green throughout the stone make me feel really calm, and this gem currently sits on my side table so it's one of the first things I see in the morning.